Aug 262011

I’m all ready for my weekend trip now, I have made some fresh boilies for the first time ever. It was not straightforward but I got there and I have made 1/2 kg of nice boilies and sausages ready for the weekend. I enjoyed it despite the difficulties and encourage you all to have a go. At least my bait will be unique on 2 hard fished rivers, which may just help a bit.

A few observations.

  1. Eggs are not a universal size , I discovered that I needed more base mix than I expected although in hindsight my paste was a tad stiff, that part needs practice.
  2. Paste dries out a little after 10 minutes so bear that in mind
  3. 14 mm boilies don’t need long to cook, I found 40 seconds adequate for loose feed and 1 minute 20 seconds for 20 x 12 mm sausage hook baits.
  4. Unless you have a very hot hob or a Berco water heater then don’t put more than about 20 boilies in at once. I was using a chip pan, too many causes the water to cool thus screwing up your perfectly determined cooking times.
  5. Don’t underestimate how much your baits will harden once dried, if they squeeze with moderate pressure after cooling down then they are probably about right for loose feed.
  6. It takes longer than you might think without a rolling table.
  7. Getting even sized baits is pretty easy, making the hook baits slightly odd shapes seems like a good idea, time will tell.
  8. My boilies smell great, subtle and posh and much more pleasant than mangy permeates everything pellets.  If it works I might tell you the recipe, if it doesn’t I’ll go off somewhere and sulk.

I’ve got about 10 hook baits per session and 20-30 loose offerings and an orange sized lump of paste. If I was at home I’d just make enough for the one session, but as I’m away I have no choice. It’ll be interesting to see if the baits go off. I bought a cotton laundry bag with holes in to the let the baits breathe, less than a quid from Wilkinson.

I will do the odd update this weekend despite what Brian says in the previous post’s comments, there will be long periods of  bite less activity on this weekends rivers. They are not easy, none of them.




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  4 Responses to “Takes a while that boilie making in manual mode!”

  1. Should have asked for more detail, but happy rolling Conrad.
    Now steaming is reckoned to be better, but actually takes longer.
    So steamies rather than boilies.
    There are some ingredients that you can add that makes the paste stickier and will help skin the bait , but that is another story.
    Rolling tables, hardly ever use them as can involve lots of washing up. Only use tables and sausage guns when doing lots. If using a gun then you may need to make the mix a bit looser.
    If you are having problems rolling (sticking to yer ‘ands), try upping the oil levels.
    Lesson endeth (for now)?


  2. Just typed a longish reply and lost it.
    I’d start at around 2.5 minutes.
    Let the steamer get to stable temperature, don’t overload and roll them around to stop sticking. Alternatively skewer them on a bit of wire (almost predrilled that way) and suspend in steamer.
    You’ll get far less ‘wash out’ with steaming, most of the surface ‘sweat’ gets sucked back in on cooling.
    Some mixes (eg high in milk protein) can deform from their original shape, but with your mix this shouldn’t happen.

    Just published a couple of pictures on my blog of two Rhine doubles, now that is one wide river.
    Fish appear very pale and silvery. Have a look.


  3. The Rhine eh? That’s where all our barbel came from originally innit?

    When are we going for an away week? Might be a good trip for the ABF to organise. I’ll have a play with the steamer next week. Any long replies best done by email, wordpress uses flash for comments and it can be flaky.

    Got a little field mouse in my swim, he has balls of steel and is cute as a button. Still on river #27 :)

  4. Oh you have done plenty so far. Steamer sounds good, I also have a spare one (wedding present) which has been in it’s box for 4 years next week actually (hastily plans anniversary night out :( ).

    How long in one of them things for soft baits?

    Found that adding oil helped already Bob, thanks for everything so far.